Tips: How To Make A Big Wave As Upcoming Artist In Nigerian Music Industry

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So this is How To Make A Big Wave As Upcoming Artist In Nigerian Music Industry.  Basically, using your talent, enthusiasm or empathy, and agility are other essential factors contributing to your success.

When you find this article, you may be thinking about being famous and succeeding in the Nigerian music industry, No you have to follow steps.

Similarly, I hope you are not looking for a magic formula. Why is this so? The secret to musical success is very similar to the mystery that can help you succeed in life. Hence, it seems advisable to start with general success tips. And actually, we want to share what we have learned during decades of successful careers as a singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer.

  1. Practice & more practice.

Excellent. This tip may be too old to share. However, the point still has to be driven home. Michael Jordan is arguably the best ever basketball player in the world. However, he got to this point not only on talent but by working harder than everyone else on the team. He was notoriously known to stay on the court for hours after a game trying to fix a mistake that he made during the said game. If he misses a free throw, he will shoot hundreds of free throws after the game.

The same goes for music. If you actually want to become popular in the Nigerian music scene, you need to be more than a one-hit-wonder, and to do this, you need to outwork everyone in your craft and then use your talent to create hit, after hit, after hit. Do this, and you will be popular in no time at all.

2. Keep Going don’t think about quit

You have to work hard on your dream and keep moving, don’t mind if you keep making same sound and it doesn’t make views or comment for you yet, when you keep pushing on your talent and building your fans base you will realize you need to do more.

3. Objectivity

Can you work objectively? If not, the answer should be yes. In our work, no one can be completely objective. When it comes to art, objectivity remains subjective. However, successful musicians in Nigeria can objectively analyze their work in the context of other recognized works.

If your song or performance is talented and professional, be honest. You will attract an audience whether you are at an arena, a church, a park, or a YouTube channel. The most successful artists take pride in showing their beautiful work anywhere, and with today’s social media, it can go viral anytime.

4. Build relationships

When I actually started looking into making music professionally and looking for a record label, I came across many rejections.

However, I accepted rejection and criticism and developed my own technique. I often knocked on the same door. Before my work was recorded, the door I was knocking on was already open, and all I had to do was actually just turn it on and work at it.

With today’s online access, social media, and a full-fledged home recording studio, there’s no reason not to listen. You don’t actually have to wait to be discovered. Go outside and make some noise.

If you firmly believe in what you are doing, don’t take no for an answer. But keep learning. In other words, keep growing by recording the next song, the next show, and the next recording.

How do you become successful in the music industry in Nigeria?

Note: If you actually want to be successful in Nigeria’s music industry, you need a lot of commitment and hard work that most people are not looking to do. And one which will leave most other people in the dust. Talent, mood, likeness, and agility are other essential factors that contribute to success.

What are the skills of a successful musician in Nigeria?

Note: However, successful musicians can objectively analyze their work in the context of other recognized works. Be honest if your song or performance is professional. We are always happy to receive opinions, opinions, and criticism from others, and we follow the best.

Must a Nigerian Artist be an entrepreneur?

Note: Many musicians just play music and enjoy the lifestyle offered by famous musicians. But in addition to music, many pops, rap, and rock stars are interested in music, including a passion for entrepreneurship.

How to be a successful artist in Nigeria?

Note: Be honest. If your song or performance is professional, people will be happy to become fans and share the music with their friends and on social media. Be happy to receive opinions and criticism from others and the rest will follow. The most successful artists are proud to give and share their notable works with the rest of the world.


Where are the promotions? You have to be visible at some point before you become popular in the Nigerian music industry. For some, this means moving from one location to another. For others, this means the song explodes on YouTube. But you have to actually keep doing it for the popularity and success to come.

Open your mind and remember that everything is continuously changing. Anyone who knows how to succeed in the music industry knows that one day you will be a star, and the next day the phone won’t ring. The work is what you want, so in the end, you have

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