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Adura Boy

Full Name: Sunday Kayode Adurgbemi
Birth Date: 12th Of December 1999
Nationality: Nigeria
Net Worth: – – – – –


Sunday Kayode Adurgbemi (Popular Known As Adura Boi) A native of Osun State was born on 12 December 1999, Adura Boi was born in Sokoto brought up in Kwara State, started his primary school in sokoto after his third year in (Children Home Nur/Primary School), He Move To kwara state and continue his education in year 2008, He attend both primary and secondary school in kwara state still look to go far on his education.

What ABD Known For

Adura Boi is a fast raising Nigerian Singer, lyricist & pop rapper from Ilorin, Kwara State, as independent artist. ADB started his career in singing from his early life in Ilorin, and released many hits songs like Adura, Bad Belle & More.

When ABD Get Noticed

Adura Boi rose to prominence after his Extended Playlist (EP) “Nirvana The EP“, Which Damkid and his favorite music whiz was feature in MartinsFeelz.

Stroll Down To See What ABD Said On His Interview With Tunezplay Media

Adura boi talk about how his music journey started on interview with tunezplay media

My name is Adurgbemi Kayode, I was born in Sokoto and brought up there in 1999. I went to Children home School at Sokoto before my mom decided to move to Kwara state when I was in primary 3 when we migrated from Sokoto to Kwara state. When we got to Kwara state around 2008, I continue my school from there I finish my primary school after then I was apprenticed to a baber shop. Before then I love to listen to songs, watch music videos so I use to love those artist lifestyle but then am not hoping to be a musician because I don’t have the mind then but when I started learning work at the barber shop I discovered I got the talent of singing, I tried to develop myself but I don’t have the courage to tell people then but when people ask me to do freestyle I sing some songs that I’ve heard before like Kizz Daniel songs and others song I crammed. I started composing my own song, I recorded some some of my music with my phone and send it to people I have on WhatsApp, some of them encourage me to move on with it. A very good day one of my friend who knew I have passion for music just chatted me up and told me that he’s going to introduce me to his record label boss that was 2019. I was happy,  a month after we went to his boss I sent him some of the songs I used my phone to record and he love them, the second day he called me for a photo shoot we took many pictures with the other artists in the label so after some weeks they called me for my first studio work with the label and record my first single titled ADURA. My StageName then was Sunny Kay because Sunday Kayode is the name am using is school so everybody knows me as Sunday so I use Sunny Kay as my stage name when I started the music hustle,  after recording my first song I was happy so I began to put more effort, I started meeting new people, I start to get more attention so when I got to ss3 one of my bro ask me to change my StageName from Sunny Kay to Aduraboi when I heard the name was good I changed it immediately on all my social media platforms, then after then I got many singles and featuring a well, people love my songs and appreciate my sound. when I notice I’ve i got more attention and strong fan base I decided to drop EP, through the process it has not been easy for me but I can do anything for the music and I can spend my last card to make music because I know the voice is in me. I’ve met so many artists in Kwara state and a very good I can’t forget is the day I met MARTINS FEELZ because I love him since I started watching a film “Industreet”, I get motivated when I listen to his song and I’ve been wishing and praying to have a song with him, let get the story interested I met him eyeball to eyeball I was like is this a dream or reality, we a conversation and I told him my wishes and he told me not to worry that he’s there for me anytime after a year and half we did a song titled SCAM (success come as miracle) and we did that too close to the date am about to release my EP so I added the song and I dropped my EP on the 12th of December 2020 which is on my birthday and that’s how I start to got more attention. I thank God for the journey so far, no financial support but God is taking control of everything and I wanna say big thank you to all my fans and listeners out there special thanks to my Mother for been there for me from the beginning my journey &  SP Classic, Hemmjay, Ehmkay, Eazzy.