3 Years After Her Naked Photos Leaked On Social Media, See New Photos Of Christabel Ekeh

Ghallywood Actress Christabel Ekeh’s transformation from nudity to proper dressing has been very outstanding.

After taking over the internet, and her nude photos went viral on social media, the talented actress Christabel Ekeh has build a new identity that most Ghanaians have not paid attention to.

Three years ago, she leaked her own naked photos on social media and went viral for it.

Different people gave different opinions as to why she did that. Whiles some people said she did it for fame, others said she was somehow suffering from psychological issues.

Whatever the reason was, her naked photos took over the media breaking stories for a month or two.

Now, she is of a new brand, a new identity that has defined her true lady-like character. ‘New Christabel Ekeh’ as she identifies herself on social media now, has transformed to one cultured beautiful woman, and we think Ghanaians should remember and praise her for her new style of dressing, as they condemned her before with the bad dressing.

Below are some new photos of New Christabel Ekeh.

See More Naked Photo of Christabel Ekeh

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